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Superior Products International, II is committed to providing unique, tough, durable coatings designed to solve even the most complex coating issues involving high heat insulation, basic roof and wall insulation, and encapsulation of existing rust and metal surfaces without sandblasting.

JE Torch - Super Therm

Super Therm® White Roof by NJ Renewable Energy

Demonstration of Super Therm® Characteristics

Bob Vila show features Super Therm® Ceramic Insulation

Energy Efficient Coatings

Application Training Video One

Application Training Video Two

Roof Shingle Demo

TVA Collar One

TVA Collar Two

TVA Collar Three

Super Therm® Florida Energy Specialists

Hot Pipe Coating Procedure

Hot Pipe Priming

Rust Grip® Application Video

Rust Grip® Bridge Video


Fighting graffiti is an expensive battle, and it can cause permanent damage to properties. SP Super Cleaner/Graffiti Cleaner and Enamo Grip SAS create an effective, cost-efficient solution to graffiti problems.

Chemical Protection

Without the proper protection against harmful acids or chemicals, your surface will deteriorate quickly, resulting in otherwise preventable costs and repairs.

Concrete Protection

The protection of concrete from wear and corrosion is difficult, but not with SPI coating products.


SPI coating products are designed to resist condensation, moisture, mildew and mold. Epoxotherm and Enamo Grip can be applied to damp surfaces without compromising their effectiveness.

Energy Savings

With the rising costs of doing business, energy efficiency has never been more important. Coatings from Superior Products International II, Inc., block heat transfer and outperform fiberglass insulation, especially in wet or small spaces.


Get fireproofing that you can count on with SPI products that have been tested over a range of materials and conditions.

Floor Protection

Wear and tear on flooring is dangerous and expensive. The SPI coating products can easily combine with anti-slip elements to provide traction for steel and concrete floors.

Fuel Cost on Reefers

According to Land Line Magazine: The Business Magazine for Professional Truckers, Super Therm® can create sizable savings in energy and fueling costs.

Heat Reduction

High heat can be dangerous for people, livestock, and equipment. So protect your buildings with heat-reducing coatings.


Experience the future of insulation.

LEED Program

Products have been tested and approved “Green” by the MBDC group for Cradle to Cradle system.

Metal Rusting & Corrosion

An updated solution to an age-old problem.

Roof Protection

Damage to a roof can lead to leaks, loss of heat and critical damage to the rest of a building.

Underwater Protection

Protect and insulate underwater with SPI coatings.