Primer: RUST GRIP®
Top Coat: ENAMO GRIP – Colorado Buff

Surface was pressure-washed using Simple Green as a cleaner, and rinsed. It was allowed to totally dry before Rust Grip® was applied. Rust Grip® was applied at 190sqft/gallon. (8.5 mils wet – 4.25 mils dry). Enamo Grip Polyurethane was applied at 190sqft/gallon as well (8.5 mils wet – 4.25 mils dry), once the Rust Grip® surface was “tack free”.

Existing tanks at Suncore Energy in Grand Junction, CO had been previously coated with national competitor’s products. After failing, Superior Products’ Rust Grip® and Enamo Grip coatings were chosen for improved durability and longevity. It was also required that the coating have a high reflectivity to repel visual light from the surface, and reduce heat gain. While at the same time, be a color that would be compatible with the surrounding colors of the landscape.

The Rust Grip® / Enamo Grip polyurethane system proved to meet all requirements and was chosen for the application on the tanks and applied as you see in this report.