Omega Fire is a single component coating having a blend of seven different ceramics combined in a water-based, acrylic/hybrid modified silicone formula to create a barrier against extreme flame impingement and heat migration. The coating can withstand direct flame up to 2200°F (1204°C) by hardening on the surface at first contact, while continuing to provide the necessary insulation value. The resin blend binds the compounds together and forms a char causing a matrix with the ceramics across the face of the coating, facing the flame.

Omega Fire is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion at extreme temperatures, while remaining flexible. In this way, it can move with the surface, during expansion and contraction, without cracking and falling off as the substrate moves.


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Product Chemistry Ceramic & water based
Volume Solids 76.4%
VOC Level 76 g/L
Dry Time (at 70˚F) 4-6 hours to tack free

If Omega Fire is applied on the exterior, it must be top-coated with Enamo Grip or Super Therm® for UV protection, weathering and durability.


Omega Fire Ceramic Coating Test – 2200°F / 1200°C

Omega Fire Coating®

Typical Uses

As fire protection for:
1. Strategic locations on warfare ships
2. Engine rooms and galleys on commercial ships
3. Corner beams, elevator shafts, and stairwells
4. Walls, ceilings, and boiler rooms
5. To control and contain fires in high-rise buildings; prevent the spread and collapse of support structures.
6. NYC approval for two hours on support beams
7. Additional tests continuing (I beam)
8. Over high-rise cladding to prevent fire spread

Application Methods

Omega Fire can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry, and composite surfaces. The application can be by spray or by trowel. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI Application Instruction sheet.

NOTE: A prescribed thickness is required for specific temperature and duration of protection.

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