Tracks: RUST GRIP the track base, pins and collars connecting the rails to the ties. Apply RUST GRIP on the support ties whether wood, concrete or plastic to strengthen and protect from oils, solvents, acids and weathering. RUST GRIP the bed over the rocks between the tracks to help stabilize and create a more secure and solid footing.

Bridges: RUST GRIP over the entire structure of the bridge including all steel and concrete. Bridges with existing Lead-based paints can be power washed with a 1500 psi power wash to remove only the dirt, debris and residues. RUST GRIP has been tested and certified to encapsulate the existing coatings and secure the surface to a minimum of 6750 psi surface tensile strength. When applied over existing rusted surfaces or concrete, the RUST GRIP penetrates into the pores and then locks down to secure the surfaces to prevent deterioration and stops continued corrosion. Using the RUST GRIP eliminates the standard need for sandblasting which saves tremendous money and labor time when setting up for maintenance budgets. ENAMO GRIP can be used for a top coat to satisfy any color schemes desired. If areas are constantly wet or periodically submerged, MOIST METAT GRIP can be used to coat the metal and concrete to protect from weathering, water and chemicals.

Locomotives: RUST GRIP to seal and secure the metal to prevent rusting. This is applied over clean surfaces without sandblasting. SUPER THERM applied over the cabs and in areas to prevent heat migration to the cabin and prevent heat build up in areas that need to be cool. ENAMO GRIP in colors or clear as a top coat and for graffiti protection and easy graffiti removal.

Cars: RUST GRIP to seal and encapsulate the exiting surface rust after initial cleaning. This prevents future rusting, extends the service life of the cars and saves on maintenance budgets. SUPER THERM the passenger cars, refrigerated cars for insulation to prevent heating. Sun radiation and other heat sources cannot heat up the surface that is coated with SUPER THERM. ENAMO GRIP over the RUST GRIP and SUPER THERM as a protective top coat and provides a gloss finish appearance. LINING KOTE for the interior of chemical tank cars to protect from chemical corrosion. HOT PIPE COATING on the exterior of refrigerated cars to insulate to help hold below ambient temperatures in and / or hot liquids in the tanks. Top coat with SUPER THERM to seal and protect while finishing the insulation effect on the tanks. For a gloss finish coat, use the ENAMO GRIP in the color of choice on hot tanks and white finish for cold tanks. The roofing of passenger cars coated with RUST GRIP/ SUPER THERM and finished with ENAMO GRIP to prevent rusting, help to cool the car and keep it clean.