HSC® Coating is designed to control heat transfer on surface temperatures up to 350°F degrees (176°C). It is water-borne, and extremely lightweight and smooth in appearance. HSC® Coating uses a special acrylic resin7. blend with specific ceramic compounds added to provide a non-conductive block against heat transfer.

HSC® Coating offers a “Green”, non-flammable, non- toxic formula for medium heat surface applications over standard steam pipe or oven wall construction. The coating was originally designed for hot applications where temperature exposures fall below those that would require the use of HPC® Coating. HSC® Coating is more easily applied for a smooth finish. It can be applied over metal, concrete, wood, and other substrates.


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Product Chemistry Ceramic & Acrylic based
Volume Solids 70.8%
VOC Level 70 g/L
Dry Time 10-30 minutes per coat, or until steaming action has finished.

Typical Uses

1. As an insulation system over hot pipes, tanks, and valves
2. To block heat migration into cold tanks, lines, and valves
3. Easily applied when a hot system cannot be shut down

Application Methods

HSC® Coating should be used for applications 350°F degrees(176°C) or lower. Apply HPC Coating for applications between 350°F degrees (176°C) and 700°F degrees (371°C). HSC® Coating can be applied to metal, concrete, masonry and wood.

The application can be by spray, brush or roller. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the SPI Application Instruction sheet for HSC Coating.

If HSC Coating is applied on surfaces outdoors, you must overcoat the HSC with Super Therm®, Rust Grip®, SP Liquid Membrane or Enamo Grip according to what is needed. It cannot be left uncoated and left exposed to weather conditions. It is light-weight to insulate, which leaves it vulnerable to weather conditions.

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