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What to Look for in a Coating

Durability and Longevity

Durability and longevity are essential when it comes to choosing a coating. It’s not enough for a coating to just stick; it must remain effective. Many coating provide short-term solutions but loose effectiveness over time, making them inefficient and costly.

The SPI Coatings are field tested and formulated to ensure long-term effectiveness. Field performance testing have been conducted for 17 years, sections cut out, sent to labs for retesting to check effectiveness. Only a 10 degree F drop in performance was found in Super Therm®. No performance loss on Super Therm® and Super Therm® has test results (before and after) on over 70 million square feet of roofing. An architectural group in Japan went back to a 10-year old roof and rechecked the heat transfer readings compared to the initial application and found the readings were identical after 10 years of aging and dirt. Super Therm® is not a "reflective" coating by design. It is an insulation coating that resists heat load, which reduces the amount of heat left available for transfer in or out (summer/winter). In Energy Star testing the U.S. and recent studies done in Japan (2006), reflective coatings will lose between 20-60% of their ability to reflect after only one year. By comparison, Super Therm® lost only 0.6% surface reflectivity the first 3 years (Energy Star) and only 12% after 17 years (Japan Institute of Technology).

Company Reputation and Service

A coating is only as good as the company that makes and delivers it. If a warranty is given, the company that stands behind the warranty must be there in the future to fix any problems.

Superior Products International II, Inc. manufactures and distributes coatings that have been on the market for over 17 years, with the resulting experience and testing.